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Tuesday, 3 April 2012


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Name : Nurhanazielah Bt Hanazi
Nickname : HaNa or Kaklong or KewChik .
Age : Berumur 18 y/o on 25th Sept 2012.
Daughter of : Zamaliah Bt Dzulkifli and Hanazi B Halim
Fallin in love with : Superman 


 The first daughter.
 Height is 166 cm .
 Likes Surfing Internet ,Facebooking ,Blogging ,Tweeting. 
 One Directon Fans , Bigbang , Super Junior.
 Mudah Touching.
 Love to speak in English but have a bad grammar ♥ 
 I Love My Friends and my Superman.
 Saya tidak pandai memujuk orang yang sedang merajuk.

Likes + Loves :

 Allah S.W.T and Prophet Nabi Muhammad S.A.W.
 My Family And Friends.
 Superman And Islam .
 Cat , Kitten and Hamster.
Pink , Purple , Black , White , Red and Blue.
Cadbury , Carbonic drinks and Sour drinks. 


People have high ego and talkative.
Copycats, Anons, Fakers, Liars, Haters and Hacker.
 People hot-tempered and stubborn.
People who do not appreciate and backstabbed.
Lady Gaga , Justin Bieber.
Slow internet line kind of snail.

Love Note!

 I stil love you Ex - Khairul Azman Abdul Rahim.
 I also love you ex - Raimi Eman
 Thank's Because Read This All.

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