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Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Denim Wash

ssalamualaikum . Hayer what a weird post haha ye eh ? I made it dalam minggu tengah demam ni , so no wonder laa skin ni tak comel  . So ? HAHA I made it my own . Rujuk tuto ini dan tuto itu . I used Denim Wash or what ever it it ngahaha . It looked like simple layout to me /pfftt Okay ! Enjoy :p Sorry for the kekurangan :') I'm still a beginner -.-
Simply click the image to enlarge
        Grey Horizontal Stripes            Purple Horizontal Stripes 
Flower Skin I                                 Flower Skin II
Purple Vintage Skin                    Peach Vintage Skin
To learn more about this skin , go here . Don't be afraid to ask . I still eat foods not human haha.

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